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How to Watch iPlayer from Abroad

There are a lot of people from Britain living abroad and every once in a while they get a little homesick and would like to watch some authentic British television. One of the ways to do this is to use iPlayer, but how does this work exactly? You may have tried and have had the experience of getting the announcement that iPlayer is only available within the United Kingdom.

The BBC has built in restrictions to the service of iplayer, which means that iPlayer checks the physical whereabouts of the internet provider which is used to log on to the net. If this location happens to be outside of the United Kingdom, access is being denied. So the logical thing to do seems to mislead the restrictions by letting it think that your provider is located within the boundaries of the United Kingdom.

You may have some friends or family back in the UK who can give you access to their computer. This way you can build your own private network and you can use the internet connection from the computer located in the UK to log on to the net, letting iPlayer think you are in the UK and therefore have the right to have access. Downside here is that you have to have access to the UK based computer whenever you wish to watch and there can be some technicality issues with the download and upload speed which can delay the footage.

Then there is the option of finding a proxy service which is free of charge. These proxy services can also make it look like your PC makes the connection in the UK, but the only problem is that there are so many people making use of these free services, the proxy gets overloaded and gets too slow to provide all these users enough speed to watch a reasonable quality of television.

The last option is to enlist for a paid service. You might not like this, but there is a service who provides good service for a good price. There is a piece of software called Identity Cloaker. This software provides you with a high speed premium UK proxy as well as UK VPN option. This will make it possible for you to watch iPlayer from abroad. You can watch live or download the programs to watch them later on. To test it out, there is a trial period of ten days available (there is also a free trial, but this is very limited and won’t allow you to watch iPlayer from abroad) for a couple of euros and after that the monthly fee is a little under seven euros per month, which is a small sacrifice to make to feel at home.

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